erio logoOne of the main issues regarding Roma discrimination and anti-gypsyism in Europe are the recurring stereotypes about Roma, and their culture concerning lifestyle, job and integration in the society.

Media tends to reinforce and reproduce existing stereotypes on Roma, perfect scapegoats in times of economic crisis. These representations greatly influence individual attitudes and strengthen racist discrimination against this community, prejudice, xenophobia and even incitement to ethnic hatred. Success stories of Roma are rare to find in mainstream media, despite the fact that these exist and are extremely important for Roma inclusion.

Our partner ERIO, the European Roma Information Office, has produced a booklet grouping together stories of inspiring Roma personalities in our society. Effective communications on these is really important for the future of Roma integration. Positive Roma models can inspire Roma younger generation to achieve their full potential for their future careers, as well as they do counteract the negative stereotypes and prejudices about Roma that persist in mainstream society.

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Find the ERIO publication on Roma Role Models here (EN).