On the 20th of February, our partner Social Services Europe will hold a meeting in the European Parliament to present its most recent research study on improving Work Life Balance (WLB) through enabling social services. The research study is framed within the European Commission’s call for a WLB directive and showcases how social service providers are key to implement and ensure the right to suitable leave, flexible working arrangements and access to care services for parents and people with caring responsibilities (principle 9 of the European Pillar of Social Rights).

Eurodiaconia is an active member of Social Services Europe, which is the largest network of not-for-profit social and healthcare providers at EU level, representing over 100,000 organisations through its 8 members. Social Services Europe seeks to ensure that the specificity of not-for-profit social and healthcare service providers is recognised, and the economic, social and legal conditions exist for quality social and healthcare services.


To know more about the meeting and the registration process, check the event agenda and invitation.