wire fence and paper cut-out of humans of different colourOn the 17th of December, our partners from the Private Sponsorship for Integration transnational project are holding a wrap-up webinar to discuss the Humanitarian Corridors model.

Originating from Canada, the concept of private sponsorship generally refers to a partnership between government and civil society where a government facilitates legal admission for participants, and shares with civil society responsibility for providing financial, social and/or emotional support to welcome and receive participants of private sponsorship schemes in local communities.

Since the large displacement of Syrian refugees in 2015-2016, the model has also garnered increasing support and interest in Europe and programs have developed in countries like France, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, and Germany

At the event the project partners will present the main findings outlined in the briefing paper and discuss the potential of sponsorship programs to improve the integration outcomes of its participants and increase social cohesion.

Using humanitarian corridors as an example, the following questions will be considered:

  • How can we design private sponsorship programs to maximise their success?
  • How can welcoming communities contribute to the success of sponsorship programs?
  • How do we ensure that sponsorship programs provide effective and quality support for sponsored persons?
  • How can we engage new actors in welcoming persons in need of protection through sponsorship?
  • What role can the EU and national governments play to incentivize the development and growth of sponsorship programs?

The event will take place on the 17th of December between 10-12am.

A draft agenda and registration link can be found on our events page.

For more information on the Humantian Corridors, please visit the project’s page.