a woman showing her diplomaEarlier this week, Kirsten Frigstad, an employee of our Norwegian member Kirkens Bymisjon, received the King’s Medal of Merit and a diploma from the King of Norway for her life-long work on alleviating social issues. 

Ms. Frigstad, who has an academic background in Sociology and Criminology, has for more than 35 years worked closely with the most vulnerable groups to empower and secure more rights for them. Her efforts to prevent prostitution and substance abuse has been particularly noteworthy.

The honors were given to Ms. Frigstad by Mr. Erling Lae, former leader of the City Council in Oslo, on behalf of His Majesty the King. In his speech, Mr Lae praised Ms Frigstad for being “a social entrepreneur who sees the worth in what people call unworthy.”


For more information, please visit Komunikasjon.ntb.no.

Photo credit: Kirkens Bymisjon