a syringe with text "vaccinating homeless people is essential to eradicating covid"Our Danish member Kirkens Korshaer has drawn the attention of the Danish authorities to the fact that homeless people will also need vaccines and places to isolate.

Together with Blue Cross and YMCA’s Social Work, the organisations call on the government not to forget that homeless people are also waiting for vaccines and vaccinating them is imperative to prevent further spread of the corona virus. The need for isolation places for people who have already contracted the disease is also highlighted.

As per the government’s vaccination plan, people should consult their doctor before they can be vaccinated. However, homeless people are out of the health system and have no contact with health practitioners therefore the current arrangement will not work for them.

It is noted that the lifespan of socially disadvantaged people is shorter by 19 years compared to that of non-marginalised groups . Furthermore, the homeless, the mentally ill, victims of abuse, the chronically ill and other individuals in precarious circumstances are at a greater risk of dying if they become infected with corona because as their health already is less than good.


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