Our Danish member Kirkens Korshaer has recently pointed out a dramatic increase in low-income families relying on food and clothing banks in Denmark.

Over the last 4 years, Kirkens Korshaer has observed that an exceptional number of families in the country has been forced to choose between buying food and paying for medicine or rent. This has inevitably had an impact on children’s well-being and has driven up national food assistance demand.

The last data published by our member show that when the food bank projects were established in Christianshavn (a central area of Copenhagen) a total of 1,500 food boxes per year were donated to families in need. In 2018, social workers and volunteers donated almost 3,000 boxes, and this figure is expected to rise this year.

According to Mr. Mads Bilstrup, Chairman of the Danish Social Services Association, the same negative trend has been observed by the entire social sector across the country.


To know more about our member’s work on food assistance, please check their website.