Our partners from the Diaconal Institute of the University of Heidelberg, in partnership with Eurodiaconia, University of Trier, VID Specialized University and Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies, have launched a new course titled Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Education in European Social Services (SIED). It offers (young) managers the opportunity to learn about different European welfare state frameworks and their relevance for new social solutions.

The curriculum includes the teaching and testing of both academic and experimential approaches to promoting social innovation. Through theory, development process and exchange with practice partners, valuable knowledge is provided so that participants can implement and disseminate their own social innovation in an organisation.

The social innovations developed in the training will be presented to a jury of experts from Academia and practice at the fourth training unit (Oslo). The best social innovations of the participants, which have been awarded in the pitches, will be invited to present their innovation to a broader public at the multiplier event in Brussels at the end of the project.

The course starts on March 1, 2021 in Heidelberg and ends in Oslo in September 2021. The travel costs are refinanced by the European Union, the tuition fee is Euro 2.000. Some places for the course are still available. If you wish to apply, please contact Ms Mona Sabbarth at mona.sabbarth@dwi.uni-heidelberg.de.


For more information about SIED project, please visit their official website.

Photo credit: SIED’s website.