Our Ukranian member Living Hope NGO has recently released its Annual Report for 2019. The document includes highlights from this year, major achievements and moments of reflection in light of this special time of the year. 

Living Hope NGO works primarily with children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds in Ukraine. The organisation manages a day care centre, where more than 40 children benefit from educational and recreational activities every year. Living Hope also runs a family care centre where social workers and volunteers help vulnerable families with their everyday tasks and their children’s education.

This year’s Annual Report gives a lot of spaces to children, which are quotes throughout the report, expressing their hopes and dreams for the future. Also staff members’ thoughts on their work at Living Hope are featured in the publication, thus enabling the reader to get  a feel of the daily work and emotions of the passionate staff making the NGO’s work possible.

We congratulate our Ukranian member and friends for another year of outstanding work and achievements. As many other members in our network, Living Hope is helping the most vulnerable in society to have a better future for them and their families.




To read the full report, please do so here.

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