Early this week, our Ukrainian member Living Hope published its latest update on its recent and upcoming actions and projects.

In March, Living Hope organised its traditional fair for children. During the fair the children, assisted by our member, in its 4 day-centres had the chance to exchange the points they had collected over the previous 6 months for toys and sweets to take home with them.

The points are collected every day by each and every child at Living Hope as a reward  for regular school  attendance, making their homework, following the rules and helping staff and volunteers to keep the day centres they are in clean and tidy.

In March, Living Hope also managed to support 2 children with neurological and language disorders to get quality medical treatments.

Most of the children assisted by our member come from families facing extreme poverty and social exclusion. It is not unusual for those children to live with their parents and siblings in one-room houses without any floors, or kitchen or toilets. The aim of Living Hope is to break the chain of exclusion they are trapped in.

In light of the current political situation in Ukraine, Living for Hope is actively engaged in facing multiple social problems such as poverty, alcohol and drugs abuse, domestic violence and child care. Through its faith based approach the organization aims to promote social inclusion and equality across the region.


To know more about Living Hope’s recent and upcoming actions and projects, check their latest update.