diversity-1350043_960_720Eurodiaconia is pleased to invite you to the next marginalization and exclusion network meeting that will take place in Vienna (Diakonie Österreich: Albert Schweitzer Haus, Schwarzspanierstraße 13, 1090 Wien) on 27th and 28th October and focus on the topic of migration:  diaconia as a bedrock for the integration of migrants and social cohesion.

Following on January 2016’s meeting, Eurodiaconia members will meet again in 2016 to look further at the question of integration of migrants and third countries nationals as a necessity for social cohesion. Members have particularly expressed the willingness to address the topic of service provision to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This is why, during this meeting, Eurodiaconia will facilitate exchange of best practices between members working particularly in the area of service provision for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Amongst other things, the meeting will include members’ presentation on top challenges for service provider as well as a study visit to a ‘’community-focused integration center’’ from Diaconia Austria. It will also feature an external speaker from the Fundamental Rights Agency (to be confirmed), to present how is the EU working for the integration of migrants and what is the reality of the implementation of migrants rights across Europe.

Eurodiaconia secretariat will also provide a background on the wider EU context on migration and offer a space for discussion on the question of inter-faith dialogue in addressing migration, as well as a conversation on the relationship between church and diaconia on the topic of migration, following on the members interest expressed in January 2016.

Invitation letter and meeting’s agenda here

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For further information or for any questions please contact Stephan Burger or Clotilde Clark-Foulquier at the Eurodiaconia secretariat at stephan.burger@eurodiaconia.org and clotilde.clark-foulquier@eurodiaconia.org