Our Italian member Diaconia Valdese is co-producing a documentary reporting the story of six asylum seekers who have formed a curling team as part of a social inclusion project in the Turin area.

The documentary – which will be titled “Ghiaccio” (“ice”) – is co-produced by our member Diaconia Valdese in cooperation with the local production company “Acting Out”, and the support of the Turin Film Commission. The footage started in the last weeks, followed by the launch of a first trailer.

The documentary is aimed at showing how reception projects for asylum seekers can successfully lead to social inclusion even through sports activities. The film’s director, Tomaso Clavarino, is a freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker who collaborates with several sports broadcasters and has filmed documentaries in different countries in the world. The documentary follows a photo reportage by Clavarino and Diaconia Valdese about the six asylum seekers and their curling team.

The documentary is now in pre-sale for the distribution phase and Daiconia Valdese is looking for new co-producers, even through a crowdfunding campaign.

To know about our member’s documentary, watch the first trailer.

To know more about the crowdfunding campaign and make a donation, please visit the documentary’s web platform.


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