Our partner Caritas Europa has released a new report on poverty and inequalities which covers sixteen European countries.

The report is titled “Fostering access to services to support people to move out of poverty” and looks into the availability, accessibility, affordability and adequacy of services and the promotion of social inclusion in European countries. It features in-depth analysis of public employment services, housing policies, early childhood education and care services, and offers a number of detailed recommendations on how to improve the access to these services. Many beneficiaries are quoted as describing lack of understandable information, bureaucracy, strict rules and formal applications requirements as the main obstacles hindering their access to basic services.

The report’s recommendations are meant to contribute to the EU’s Action Plan for the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights – one of Eurodiaconia’s focuses this year, too.

Eurodiaconia works together with our partners to promote social inclusion and reduce social inequalities. Together with our members we continue to exert pressure at European level to promote the adoption of policies which support our mission to eradicate poverty.


You can learn more about our work on poverty on our website.

For further information, you can consult the full report on Caritas’ website.