Our Italian member Diaconia Valdese has launched a new project to support the families of cancer patients by activating a network that provides psychosocial assistance in cooperation with local medical staff.

The project “Protecting weak families in the oncological field” is run by Diaconia Valdese together with Turin Local Health Care System. The project’s main goal is to support patients and their families during a high-traumatising diagnostical process. During the oncology treatment, patients and their families are supported by professionals such as psychologists, social and care workers. The psychosocial assistance to families continues even in case of death of the patients.

The most innovative feature is the cooperation under a common social goal between volunteers and health authorities specialised in oncology services. The project is currently involving about 50,000 people in a limited area of the Turin district, but it is aimed at enlarging its outreach. Another goal is the financial sustainability. At this respect, Diaconia Valdese has launched a fund-raising campaign on social media and on a new fund-raising web platform.

Diaconia Valdese is a Christian NGO that coordinates and runs the social activities and the caring structures of the Valdensian Church in Italy. Its projects mainly include caring for elderly people, education and training for young people, as well as supporting disables, migrants and refugees. To know more about Diaconia Valdese, please visit our member website.

To know more about “Protecting weak families in the oncological area”, please visit the project’s website.