a woman hugging an older person for supportEarlier today, we published the Easy-to-Read version of our “Demographic Change, Ageing, Long-term Care & COVID-19” report from December 2020. 

Easy-to-Read is a text format making information accessible to people with intellectual disabilities. This new translation comes after the publication of the 2019 Eurodiaconia Annual Report and three policy papers in Easy-to-Read language, and is part of our commitment to making our output more understandable, operable, and accessible to people with intellectual disabilities within the next years.

The publication looks into the ongoing demographic changes across Europe and their impact on the long-term care sector. Particularly, it examines the situation before and after the COVID-19 outbreak. It concludes that the insufficient financial support, increased migration, high levels of isolation and loneliness, disparities in the quality of the provided services, staff shortages, lack of consistency in response policies at national level have all contributed to the worsening situation in the sector.


For more information, please refer to the Easy-to-Read translation.