©Helsingin Diakonissalaitos

Recently, our Finnish member Helsingin Diakonissalaitos (Helsinki Deaconess Institute) has organized a donation campaign, aimed at addressing the social gap in youth food culture and gathering young people around a table to stimulate them to develop healthy habits.

The campaign collected a total of 8.420 euros, and the donations will be used to support Helsinki Deaconess Institute projects for young people. During the campaign, the organisation was supported by Wolt, a Finnish technology company specialised in food and transportation services in the Scandinavian and Baltic region.

“We want to thank all the 1.026 donors who supported the youth during the campaign. It’s nice to notice how many people care about young people”, says Annamaria Eteläpää from Helsinki Deaconess Institute.


To know more about this project, please read Helsinki Deaconess Institute news.

To know more about Helsinki Deaconess Institute and learn how to make an additional donation for this campaign, please visit our member’s website.