The work of Eurodiaconia members provides many examples of effective and inno­vative projects which help people reintegrate in society and in employment through social services. These services are often directed to people experiencing multiple vulnerabilities that make them be perceived as “less employable”: it is the case, among others, of people as long-term unemployed persons, young people, migrants and refugees, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health issues or recovering from an addiction. Skills and skilling interventions are crucial to achieve the goal of work and social inclusion for all.

In 2017, Eurodiaconia carried out a consultation among its member organisations to gather in­formation about running initiatives aimed at social inclusion of different users’ groups through skilling interventions. The information put together during this research have been collected in a publication which is now available online.

To read more about skills for social inclusion, check our recent policy paper.

To know more about our advocacy action and dialogue with key stakeholders on this key issue, you can read the report of our latest event at the European Parliament last October.