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Our member in Romania, Episcopal Reformata Din Ardeal (Reformed Diocese of Transylvania), is increasing its activities at its home for people with disabilities. The home, called Írisz Ház is part of the Reformed Churches work in promoting accessibility, respect and acceptance of people with disabilities. Its aim is to provide a comfortable living environment for people with disabilities where they feel valued and involved in society, and also in church life. This is to be done through projects to improve the physical and emotional accessibility to churches, including summer camps, arts and crafts, physical accessibility support, and sign language for worship and Bible study.

The home is also open to innovative ideas for new activities and projects, and so takes this opportunity to promote its activities to congregations, associations and foundations who might be able to make use of the facility.

To aid the initiative, an agreement was concluded with Diakonia Austria and the Diakonia Christian Foundation within the Reformed Diocese of Transylvania. The project is therefore run through our Romanian member, and sponsored by multiple organisations including Covasna County Council, Diaconia Valdese and Diakonia Austria, among others.

In addition to providing information about its activities, the Reformed Diocese of Transylvania is also calling for more involvement in its work through offering financial assistance to organisations or groups to work alongside or within Írisz Ház.

For those successfully selected to support the project, a four-day training programme will be run through Írisz Ház to provide useful information and comprehensive training for working with people with disabilities.

The deadline for submitting applications is the 20th April 2017.

You can learn more about the opportunity, including the steps needed to apply, through the organisations website.