Recently, our Armenian member, the WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation, organised a training about conflict, its transformation and effective ways to bring about resolution. The training was implemented in the frameworks of “Giving Voice to Peace” Project of Armenia Round Table, supported by HEKS/EPER, the aid organisation of the Swiss Protestant Churches. 

20 participants from across Armenia attended the event, where after a short ice-breaker they were catapulted straight into a workshop on how to analyse changing patterns of conflict, its development and how to look at differnent actors involved. A fruitful discussion focusing on methodology and effective prevention and resolution strategies ensued. Interactive games were also organized during the training, which helped the participants develop communication skills in conflicts.

Given the young age of the participants, this event proved to be incredibly helpful as it helped to form future active citizens that know how to face conflicts in their communities and play a pivotal role in solving them. Once again, an excellent initiative from our Armenian member that reinforces the work the WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation is doing with youth across Armenia.

Our past Network Meeting on Urban Areas that took place in Oslo last month also focused on youth and specifically on effective prevention strategies to fight radicalisation and violent extremism. The initiative brought together different organisation from our Network, which helped to create a great 2-day learning journey with outstanding quality of content and speakers throughout. Together with the work of our members in 33 Euroopean countries and territories we strive to create a more just and social Europe, which provides every young person with the same opportunities to excell in life.




If you would like to know more about the WCC Armenian Round Table Foundation’s work, please visit the organisation’s website.

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