Early today, our recently published “Empower You(th)!” Online Toolkit was included in the SALTO-YOUTH Toolbox, a collection of European youth work materials selected by a network of six Resource Centres working under the Erasmus+ programme. The toolkit was developed in the framework of the Eurodiaconia-led Erasmus+ project “Empower You(th)!” over the last one year and a half and contains innovative youth methods and models implemented by six members of our network.

The Online Toolkit not only gathers different theoretical approaches to youth work discussed by the members involved, but it also contains a collection of youth work methods and analyses of contemporary challenges for young people in Europe today. The organisations involved are our members Armenia Round Table Foundation (Armenia), Slezská Diakonie (Czech Republic), Diaconia Valdese (Italy), Diakonie Kosova (Kosovo), Kirkens Bymisjon (Norway), and Svenska Kyrkan (Sweden).

The toolkit invites youth organisations to submit their own innovative models and methods in youth work, to provide us with feedback and to do a little quiz. The toolkit is intended to be the first step towards an increased collaboration on diaconal youth work in Europe.

The Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities for Youth (SALTO-YOUTH) is part of the European Commission’s Training Strategy to provide non-formal learning resources for youth workers and youth leaders and organise training and contact-making activities to support organisations and National Agencies within the Erasmus+ programme. Besides the Toolbox for Training, the SALTO-YOUTH website includes a European Training Calendar, the Otlas Partner Finding and Trainers Online for Youth.

To know more about the inclusion of the “Empower You(th)!” Online Toolkit in SALTO-YOUTH Toolbox, please visit SALTO-YOUTH website.

To know more about the Toolkit contents, please have a look its online version.