Recently, our member Diaconia Spain launched the 10th edition of its Diaconia Awards for Social Volunteering, opened for applications to its volunteers in Spain.

The aim of the Diaconia Awards for Social Volunteering is to highlight the importance of volunteers’ work in running diaconal projects to tackle a wide range of social issues. The participants can apply both as individual or institutional candidates, representing members from Diaconia Spain’s network.

 “We invite the churches and organisations within our network to participate in the 2018 Awards by presenting candidates. “e must remember the importance of the good testimony to inspires other volunteers and motivate us all to continue working to build a more just and supportive society”.

The deadline for applications is set for the 30th of September. The selected candidates will be awarded during the Awards Gala 2018, that will take place in Madrid by the end of the year.

To know more about Diaconia Spain Awards, please read our member’s news.