Our German member Diakonie Düsseldorf has recently presented a large-scale campaign to support foster parents and children, with the claim “Wir haben ein leben verändert” (We have changed a life).

The campaign was launched by Diakonie Düsseldorf on different channels, such as large billboards, info screens in underground stations, postcards, as well as on Facebook and other social media. The message “We have changed a life” is accompanied by different photos showing the different types of foster parents. Diakonie Düsseldorf’s campaign was very well welcomed by the media, raising interest even beyond German borders.

This initiative represents the last step in Diakonie Düsseldorf’s work to support foster families. Its trainers, for example, hold preliminary training meetings with the parents during the whole stay of the children in the new families. Thanks to Diakonie Düsseldorf’s assistance, foster parents can also meet and exchange their life experiences with other foster parents. This networking activity has been particularly effective, and this is the reason why our member is now planning to reach more foster parents through this campaign.


To learn more on the campaign as well as on Diakonie Düsseldorf’s work with foster parents, please visit our member’s website.