Yesterday, our Finnish member Helsingin Diakonissalaitos and Rinnekoti announced the merger of the two organisations creating a new social and health services leader. The merger will be effective at the beginning of next year. Combined, the two diaconal actors will become the largest social enterprise in Finland, with an estimated annual turnover of 160 millions of euros. As the leading social service provider, the new social actor will continue to promote innovation in the social sector while providing users with higher levels of social support.

Rinnekoti is the largest private social service provider working on housing and support for people with mental disability in Finland, and it is a partner foundation of our member Helsingin Diakonissalaitos.

Through this merger, we will ensure high-level standards to continue working as a leading social enterprise and generate purpose-driven profit”, said Olli Holmström, Helsingin Diakonissalaitos CEO. “The merger will generate synergies and multiple benefits to our users, as well as to our staff. Tangible benefits will include a broader range of services, stronger competencies, and resources, as well as career opportunities for all our staff. Together we will be able to offer higher-quality services to different groups.”

Both foundations share a long history and set of values, which makes this merger a meaningful move.

After the merger, Rinnekoti, which will keep its current brand, will continue to operate as a service area of Helsingin Diakonissalaitos.