Last July, a medical team from our member the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) was involved in a two-week humanitarian mission in a Rohingyas refugee camp in Bangladesh.

The HRCA medical team consisted of 11 doctors, nurses and logistics professionals. Once in Bangladesh, half of the medical team held three training sessions for local healthcare professionals working in the field. The other half of the staff provided medical services in the refugee camp of Kutopalong, next to the border with Myanmar.

By teaching and providing suggestions, – says the HRCA medical team – our work in the refugee camp will have a much bigger effect. In two hours, everyone who attended our training session managed to reach the standard national level and because of such improvements, the people hosted in the camp will still be able to feel our presence in the long run.”

Besides providing medical assistance and professional training, the mission was also aimed at showing HRCA’s social commitment. “We want to show people who live outside of the Carpathian Basin that Hungarian Reformed people are helping others, using the HRCA as the extended arm of the church,” says the team Logistics Officer Dániel Osgyán.

To know more about this humanitarian mission in Bangladesh, please read HRA’s news.