Yesterday, our Secretary General attended the conference organised at the European Parliament in Brussels by our member The Salvation Army to launch its upcoming campaign to counter human trafficking. The event took place on the occasion of the Anti-Slavery Day 2018.

The campaign will be launched by the Salvation Army EU Affairs Office at the beginning of 2019 on a pan European scale. The campaign claim will be “cheap prices come at a high cost – the cost for human freedom”, highlighting the necessity to raise awareness and build networks in order to foster quick responses.

It takes an Army to combat modern slavery – said Jeroen Hoogteijling, coordinator of The Salvation Army taskforce against Traffic in Human beings – and our organisation is ready to lead the charge. Too often, human trafficking survivors are seen as offenders, instead of victims of human rights violations. Recognising them as victims should be EU Member States’ overarching consideration to prevent increased vulnerability.

The conference was hosted by Jean Lambert MEP (Green/EFA) and had two other MEPs among its panellists – Dennis De Jong (MEP/GUE) and Judith Sargentini (Green/EFA) -, besides representatives from other organisations active in countering human trafficking.


To know more about the Salvation Army work to counter human trafficking, please visit our member’s website.