children-with-teacher1On the occasion of the EPSCO Council held in Brussels this week, the Alliance for Investing in Children, of which Eurodiaconia is a member issued a press release emphasising that tackling and preventing child poverty and social exclusion are key to achieving the Europe 2020 headline targets.

More specifically we called on social affairs ministers to:

•    Give priority and urgency to the implementation of the EC Recommendation Investing in Children when adopting conclusions on the European Semester 2014 and on the AGS 2014
•    Include the indicator of children at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the scoreboard of social and employment indicators; and urge the scoreboard to become binding in order to deepen the social dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union.

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There are 26,5 million children across the European Union at risk of poverty or social exclusion – half a million more than a year ago – and the economic, financial and social crisis is only putting even more children at risk.