According to the European Commission, the newest quarterly review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) shows that the EU economy and labour market have started to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic with employment and unemployment at almost pre-crisis level. The Summer Commission forecast projected that the gross domestic product (GDP) in the EU will return to its pre-crisis level at the end of this year. While in some Member States, unemployment and other unmet needs for employment remain significant, companies in several EU countries and sectors already experience a shortage of labour (apparent also in the social services sector). This year’s edition comes with a thematic focus on the impact of floods on companies and workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all our lives and brought incredible suffering and challenges, especially to our most vulnerable communities. At the same time, it has provided us with a chance to re-discover our fundamental values and reflect on how far we’ve come – and what still needs to be done. Eurodiaconia’s primary role has not changed. We still exist to serve those who are most in need.

Through learning from their experiences and listening to the challenges our members faced, we’ve been able to highlight four primary areas of general concern amongst our members: the situation of the care sector, the difficulties experienced by migrants, the experienced issues concerning the access to the labour market, and the state of inclusion of persons with disabilities.

You can read our recently published report on the progress of the social dimensions here and access the executive summary here.

The latest review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) can be found here.