Our Icelandic member Den Evangeliska Lutherska Kyrkan i Island has launched in March its annual “Quiet Days for Women” initiative.

The 3-day event takes place twice a year in Skálholt, a quiet little village nestled in the hills of South-West Iceland, hosted by its local parish congregation.

Quiet Days for Women” aims to be an opportunity for women aged 40-80 y.o. to experience an authentic learning community experience in a safe and peaceful environment, far from everyday’ s busy life.

During the 3 days, the participants are asked to take charge of their time and to organise convivial gatherings around meditation, discussion and above all rest and reset.

Our member asked Anna Stefánsdóttir about the organisation of the initiative.

We hold Quiet days for women in September and February-March, and they have been a great success. The participants enjoy the variety of services offered at Skálholt Parish Church, where they can make the best use of their time and rest in 21 rooms and different quiet common areas.
Regarding the organisation, we send out invitation letters to about sixty women within our networks to create a certain warm and intimate atmosphere. Quiet days have been very rewarding and brought relevant emotional benefits to women.

To know more about the quiet days for women, please check the initiative’s page.


Photo © Kirkjan.is