unnamedEurodiaconia members are warmly invited to attend the annual Healthy Aging and Long Term Care (HALTC) Network Meeting on 5-6 October in Torre Pellice (near Turin), Italy, hosted by our member Diaconia Valdese.

This year, the focus of the Network Meeting will be integrated care. This is a topic of key relevance for Eurodiaconia members, who aim to provide health and social care services in an integrated manner, also within their communities. Our members’ interest on the topic also responds to their need to address care needs from a comprehensive and holistic approach which meets the growing complexity and comprehensiveness of users’ needs.

Eurodiaconia and Integrated Care

Eurodiaconia has promoted discussion on integrated care at the event Supporting quality integrated care: policy and practice at local, regional and national levels’.
Since then, Eurodiaconia has led a coalition of European NGOs working on long-term care and with specific emphasis on integrated care with the aim to guide renewed and stronger policy action on these topics. The messages of the coalition can be found here: it is consistent with Eurodiaconia’s recommendations on Integrated Care, that you can find here .

In this meeting it will be discussed how to strengthen further the link between practice and advocacy, and learn about members’ initiatives with regard to integrated care.
Members will then have the opportunit to share good practices on any other area relevant for better, quality provision of health and long-term care services.

Furthermore, the meeting will open a space for discussion on mental health. In particular, it will examine member’s work on the area and call for their input to build up a Eurodiaconia agenda on the topic.

The invitation and draft agenda of the meeting can be found here (EN).

Please register for the event here. The deadline for registration is 19 September.

For further information or questions, please contact alexander.elu@eurodiaconia.org