Our member Diakonie Deutschland’s travelling art exhibition against racism and discrimination, titled “Art despite exclusion“, will be on display in Berlin from the July 12 to August 9.

Having already been presented in Kassel, Braunschweig, Chemnitz, Stuttgart and Dortmund, the collection will be then exposed to the public of Hanover, Osthofen and Worms.

The exhibition is part of the pilot project “Shaping Diversity – Resisting Exclusion“, which will be implemented by Diakonie Deutschland until the end of 2019. As part of the federal program “Democracy Live!” funded by the Federal Ministry for Family and Social Affairs, the project aims at strengthening democratic forces, civil society structures, as well as promoting social cohesion in diaconia and society.

Art despite exclusion” is specifically focusing on racism, political radicalization and discrimination. Through more than 200 works of art, around 50 artists voice their concerns regarding all forms of exclusion and invite visitors to engage in the creation of an open, diverse and inclusive society. Famous artists such as Klaus Staeck, Birgid Helmy, Günther Grass, Christo and Wolfgang Niedecken are participating in the event.

A four-week program has also been designed to accompany the exhibition. It consists of readings, film projections, round-table discussions and interactive artistic activities directly involving the exhibitors.