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The Council of Europe has published the second, updated edition of ‘Right to Remember’, a Handbook for Education with Young People on Remembrance of the Roma Genocide


Strengthening the identity of Roma young people is a priority for the Roma Youth Action Plan of the Council of Europe. This implies the creation of an environment where they can grow up free from discrimination and confident about their identity and future perspectives, while appreciating their history and their plural cultural backgrounds and affiliations. The handbook published by the Council of Europe is therefore an educational resource for all those wishing to promote a deeper awareness of the Roma Genocide and combat discrimination. The handbook is based on the principles of human rights education, and places remembrance as an aspect of learning about, through and for human rights to involve young people including Roma youth as agents and actors in their own understanding of human rights and of history.


Since it was published in 2014, the handbook has been widely used both by Roma and non-Roma youth groups. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and additional material and clarifications have been included in the second edition.


Right to Remember includes educational activities, as well as ideas for commemoration events, and information about the Genocide and its relevance to the situation of the Roma people today. It has been designed primarily for youth workers in non-formal settings, but it will be useful for anyone working in education, including in schools.



The ‘Right to Remember’ handbook is available on the Council of Europe website.