151126ec1-detailEurodiaconia has launched the second issue of its Semester Quarterly Journal. The aim of the Quarterly Journal is to provide Eurodiaconia’s national member organisations with relevant information on key aspects of the Semester, and to encourage their active involvement in the process.

The second edition explores the relevance of the Semester in the context of migration and the social dimension of the recently issued Country-specific recommendations. It also outlines recent institutional developments relating to the Semester and features an interview with Dr. Stephanie Scholz from Diakonie Deutschland concerning ways to engage in the process more effectively. To read the second issue, please click here.

The first edition provides a general overview of the Semester cycle, explores the social dimension of the 2016 Country Reports, outlines relevant institutional developments, and summarises the experiences of its Dutch member ‘Kerk in Actie’ concerning Semester engagement. To read the first edition, please click here.

The next issue is due to appear around the end of September. For any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact Giacomo at giacomo.manca@eurodiaconia.org, Clotilde at clotilde.clark-foulquier@eurodiaconia.org or Stephan at stephan.burger@eurodiaconia.org.