a cloud with books and headphonesAt the start of 2021, our Czech member Slezska Diakonie launches a new campaign to bring happiness to the residents in its care facilities and to the beneficiaries of their other support programmes.

To achieve this objective our member has called on the general public to record themselves narrating a story, reading a fairy tale or reciting a poem and send the recording to the diaconia. The recordings will be included in a database which will be accessible to the organisation’s beneficiaries such as elderly people, persons with disabilities, and children from low-income families. They will be able to browse the catalogue by topics and listen to the audios they like as many times as they wish.

The recordings should be 5-7 minutes long and could be made using the answering machine on analogue phones or via smartphone apps. They can also include a short greeting or a wish.


For more information, please visit our member’s website.