three plastic chess pieces over piles of coinsSocial Platform and Eurodiaconia have released a booklet on a Conference organised in September 2020 as part of the German Presidency of the EU. The publication gives detailed information on civil society organisations’ push towards the establishment of minimum income schemes across the EU.

The participants in the conference call on the European Commission to propose an EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income and on EU Member States to guarantee everyone the right to an adequate, accessible and enabling minimum income, which is underpinned by a social and human rights approach.

Such Directive would:

  • Guarantee everyone’s rights to an adequate minimum income throughout their life cycle and enable peoples’ inclusion and full participation in society;
  • Provide a level playing field by setting minimum social standards across EU Member States;
  • Support social and economic upwards convergence within and across the EU Member States;

The publication goes into detail to explain what such Directive could look like in practice and how it can be implemented at national levels.


For more information, please read the full text of the booklet.