a calendar with "pay day" marked on itSocial Platform has released a position paper advocating the development of “EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income”.

Today, all EU Member States provide some form of minimum income scheme. However, most fail to guarantee individuals a decent standard of living throughout their life cycle. This is why Social Platform and its member organisations – Eurodiaconia being amongst them – call for an EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income. A legally binding directive would lay the foundation for a basic social safety net, which will allow everyone to live a life of dignity alongside contributing to the reduction of poverty and social exclusion – through fostering an upward social convergence within and across Member States. At the same time, this Framework Directive would mitigate the immediate and long-term socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, Eurodiaconia together with Social Platform, EAPN and Caritas Europe jointly organised a workshop at last week’s BMAS “Our Social Europe – Strong Together” online conference, focusing on adequate, accessible & enabling minimum income schemes across Europe – the time for action is now.


For more information on the initiative, read the full Social Platform position paper and our joint recommendations to the EU & national level.