3 little houses with th writing: Rental agency for young homelessOur Swedish member Stockholms Stadsmission is currently looking for suitable accommodations to be rented out to young adults aged 18-25 experiencing structural homelessness. The new call is part of our member’s attempt to implement its Rental Agency for young homeless project launched in 2018 thanks to the Swedish Government’s funds.

The call is aimed at giving people with empty apartments or extra rooms the chance to make extra income and at the same time at supporting homeless youth to enter into the housing market.

Potential landlords can contact Stockholms Stadsmission’s Rental Agency to express their interest at any time. They will then be visited by the agency’s social workers in order to discuss how to meet their needs best and arrange practicalities. Once a suitable tenant is found through the Agency’s network the parties are invited to meet up and, if there is a good match, to sign a contract.

The decision to sign a rental contract is for the parties to be made. However, our member’s Rental Agency will support both parties during the entire rental period. Stockholms Stadsmission’s will also regularly monitor the evolution of the agreement and will remain the contact point for both parties.

Young adults between 18 – 25 who for various reasons are in so-called structural homelessness are welcome to apply for accommodation through the Agency.

In March 2018, the Swedish Government decided to invest a total of SEK 120 million (about 12 million EUR) per year for three years to support six non-profit organisations, including Stockholms Stadsmission,  in their work against homelessness among young people.


To know more about Stockholms Stadsmission’s Rental Agency, visit our member’s website.