jerusalemBetween the 5th and 12th November 2017, our member in Sweden, Svenska Kyrkan (the Church of Sweden) is organising a study trip for journalists to Israel and Palestine. The purpose of the study visit is to give participants the chance to deepen their knowledge of the area, learn about the social, political and religious issues and tensions of the region, and to network with other participants interested in the topics of conflict, reconciliation and mediation in this part of the world.

Svenska Kyrkan is an Evangelical Lutheran church working both in Sweden and internationally to support society’s most vulnerable, and to safeguard the lives and dignity of those in need. The organisation has experience working for peace and reconciliation, specifically through projects and programmes related to sustainable livelihoods, gender equality and international humanitarian law in 17 countries. In preparation for the study visit, our member continues to work closely with both Israeli and Palestinian civil society actors, such as human rights organizations, religious institutions (Christians, Jews and Muslims), UN agencies and other international actors. Several of these organizations and institutions will be represented during the study visit, as well as other actors working in the area, and people having experienced the conflict personally.

The programme will be conducted in English, however the study trip is intended for Swedish journalists, or journalists who speak Swedish. In order to apply for this opportunity, those that are interested are invited to submit their application by 28th May. The opportunity is being made available for 8 participants, and a scholarship is available to cover travel and living expenses. Following the selection process, an information meeting will be held in Stockholm in September for those who are being taken on the trip.

More information on the study trip to Isreal can be found on Svenska Kyrkan’s website.