Three girls with skateboardsHjálparstarfs kirkjunnar, our Icelandic member Den Evangeliska Lutherska Kyrkan I Island‘s division working on social aid, has launched a campaign to support low-income families.

Under this initiative, the organisation is accepting applications from parents who are not able to provide school materials for their children. Recognising that the beginning of the school year entails considerable financial investment which not all families are able to afford, Hjálparstarfs kirkjunnar takes the responsibility to help those in need by giving away school supplies for the young pupils.

Vilborg Oddsóttir, a social worker at Hjálparstarfs kirkjunnar, explains: “We know that this autumn the situation will be difficult for many, especially for families with children. A very large part of the disposable income of the families who come to us goes to pay for housing so there is little left to feed and clothe the children. Our goal is to prevent the social isolation of the children due to the poor financial situation of the family.” She also added that applications for material assistance have increased by 41% in the last five months compared to the same period last year.


For more information, please visit our member’s website.

Photo credit: Den Evangeliska Lutherska Kyrkan I Island