In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, on 1 April our Finish member the Deaconess Foundation opened a temporary accommodation for young people in Helsinki, in cooperation with The Blue Ribbon Foundation. This is conceived as a temporal solution for homeless youngsters who have no place to go during the restriction of outdoor mobility.

According to our member, the situation for homeless youngsters has heavily deteriorated during the pandemic, including a worsening on their mental health. That is way the Deaconess Foundation has decided to react and aims to ameliorate the situation, providing homeless young people with a safe place to stay, rest, and eat during the pandemic.

Concretely, the Deaconess Foundation have made a financial contribution by renting a hostel to homeless youth.  At the same time, they are calling for a most permanent solution for young homeless people.

To know more about what the Deaconess Foundation is doing for young homeless, visit their website.