The European Commission is preparing a proposal for a Council Recommendation on micro-credentials for lifelong learning and employability, and in this context, it has launched a public consultation aiming to collect views of individuals and stakeholders on the development of a common definition of micro-credentials, and on EU standards for their quality and transparency.


This initiative – that takes part of the European Skills Agenda– seeks to support the quality, transparency, recognition and portability of short learning courses and experiences currently developing rapidly across Europe in response to the need for more flexible forms of education and training. The potential role of and the interest in “micro-credentials” that certify the outcomes of these short learning experiences is thus increasing, as it would allow for targeted acquisition of standard skills and competences.


This could potentially widen learning opportunities, boosting more inclusive lifelong learning across the EU allowing for people to keep pace in a fast-changing labour market, and could enable them to participate fully in society, ensuring their personal, social, and professional empowerment.


The consultation is on until 13 July and its open to citizens, governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as to education, training, and employment stakeholders. You can respond to the public consultation in a personal or organisational/institutional capacity by filling in the questionnaire. Registered stakeholder organisations can also submit a position paper.


To participate in this consultation, please go to the European Commission website.