the sign "skills" surrounded by doodles of different things related to learning and skillsAs part of the European Skills Agenda, the European Commission is proposing a Pact for Skills – a model for skills development that will help meet COVID-19 challenges and deliver on the ambitions of the recovery pathway, the EU Industrial Strategy and the green and digital transition.

The rapid shift towards a climate neutral Europe and digital transformation is changing the way we work, learn, take part in society and lead our everyday lives. Europe can only grasp these opportunities if its people develop the right skills. The Covid 19 pandemic has also had a profound impact on millions of people in the EU have lost their job or experienced significant income loss. Many will need to acquire new skills and move to new jobs in a different sector of economy.

Against this background, the main objective of the Pact is to mobilise and incentivize all relevant stakeholders (industry, public and private employers, social partners, education and training providers and employment agencies) to take concrete actions for the upskilling and reskilling of people of working age, by pooling efforts and setting up partnerships.

The Pact is expected to be launched in November during the 2020 European Vocational Skills Week. In preparation for the event, the Commission is conducting a survey on upskilling and reskilling. The questionnaire takes up between 10 and 15 minutes and is open until the 12th of October.


To learn more about the European Skills Agenda, please visit the Commission’s website.

To take part in the survey, please visit the Commission’s platform.