four men in front of piles of coinsThe European Parliament has released a report looking into the most important challenges the European labour market, regions, sectors and workers are going to face in the next ten years and describing the key initiatives to be taken in this respect. The rapporteurs call for a core social agenda to be adopted during the Social Summit in Porto next year (Porto agenda).

The report is consists of three parts:

  • Governance framework for Social Progress – focuse on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) and the adoption of a Sustainable Development and Social Progress Pact.
  • Financial means for Strong social and sustainable Europe – focus on the financial instruments to achieve a just transition, like the European Social Fund, the Youth Guarantee, the Child Guarantee, the SURE instrument and the Just Transition Fund.
  • Porto Agenda: targets and proposal – focus on mandatory targets and proposals on decent work and sustainable and inclusive labour markets, social justice and equal opportunities, robust social welfare systems and fair mobility. Other targets include cutting youth unemployment in half and promoting the rights of cross-border and seasonal workers.

Eurodiaconia has been advocating for the adoption and expansion of initiatives focused on supporting the full implementation of the EPSR as well as for the creation of an EU Framework Directive on Adequate Minimum Income.


For more information on the Parliament’s report, please read the full text.

For more information on our advocacy work, please refer to our proposals related to the EPSR and our joint-statement on minimum income.