Our Greek member the Ev. Church of Greece has recently launched an appeal to its partners and friends to support the work of its sewing social cooperative Peri Ergon in these times of crisis.

Peri Ergon was founded in the city of Katerini, Northern Greece, in January 2019 with the support of our member’s diaconal branch Perichoresis and the German NGO Women’s World Day of Prayer. The social cooperative is aimed at fostering the integration of refugees into the Greek society and promote their inclusion in the labour market through social sewing workshops.

The sewing workshops are attended every week by refugees and unemployed local citizens, giving both groups not only the opportunity to benefit from informal language and job-specific training but also to raise their job aspirations and mutual understanding in a friendly and protected environment.

Peri Ergon, which currently employs three refugees and relies on selling its products, has been heavily impacted by the current anti-epidemic measures and can be supported through its online shop, which is capable of fulfilling orders in Greece and abroad.

In the online shop, customers can found handbags, wallets, aprons, keyrings, and makeup bags all made of recyclable materials, fabric scraps, and fabrics from refugee boats crossing the Aegean Sea.

Please support Peri Ergon. Have a look at its online shop!


Photo © Peri Ergon