a man standing on top of the globeThe Greens/EFA Group has adopted a position paper advocating for the establishment of a holistic European Migration Code, which addresses the vulnerabilities migrant workers face, reduces inequalities, ensures decent working conditions for all workers, and allows migrants to play an active role in society. 

To achieve this goal, the Greens/EFA demand:

1) Equal rights for all workers in the EU through harmonisation and approximation of fundamental rights and ensure access to social rights for migrant workers; and

2) New legal avenues for migrant workers and their families who wish to come and work in the European Union (EU), creating equal opportunities for low- and medium-wage migrant workers.

Damian Boeselager, initiator and principal drafter of the position, stated: “Europe needs migrants. The continent is rapidly aging. Sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, and IT are facing labour shortages across member states. The Coronavirus recession will not reverse this trend. The Greens/EFA vision proposes a European-wide solution, which can benefit governments, Europe as a whole, migrants, and countries where they come from.”


To learn more, please read the full document.