Our partner Solidar and the Foundation for Progressive Studies (FEPS) are hosting an event in Brussels on the 1st of July 2019 titled “Inequality 2020”.

The event will be the occasion to reflect on how growing inequalities have shaped European society over recent years, and think about the next agenda to contrast social exclusion, unemployment, and inequality at large. It will tackle the root causes of polarisation in European society and what steps need to be taken to design an inclusive and sustainable EU-wide plan to fight inequality.

Eurodiaconia welcomes this opportunity to talk about inequality in the context of the post-Europe 2020 strategy. Rebalancing economic European policies to make sure that growth is accompanied by social inclusion and fairness constitutes a priority for Eurodiaconia and its members.

In this context, Eurodiaconia released in April a Policy Paper on ‘Strategies to promote Access to Employment for all people’. This paper presents key recommendations to promote access to employment for all people as a pathway to social inclusion and full participation in society.


To see the program of the event “Inequality 2020”, please visit Solidar’s website.

To register to the event inequality 2020”, please fill out the registration form.

To know more about Eurodiaconia’s recommendations to promote access to employment for all people, read our policy paper.