A New Year, a new beginning and lots of resolutions. This is how we often how we start January – but how many of us get to the end of January with our resolutions still holding? At Eurodiaconia we have not made any resolutions because our goals are the same – a more Social Europe where people live in dignity and with access to the care they need regardless of their economic status.

This is a resolution that comes from our very ethos and identity and one we will not be giving up by the end of January! Throughout the year we will be calling on decision makers, organisations and society at large to find ways to build a more social Europe and with the European Parliament elections coming up in May it will be an opportunity to see how social Europe really is.

But this week we saw some progress. The European Parliament adopted its position on the new proposal for the European Social Fund + which will come into effect from 2021. The European Parliament worked very closely with Eurodiaconia to improve the initial proposal to ensure that funds can be used for all social concerns and that civil society organisations are at the heart of decision making about the use of these funds as well as being able to access them easily.

Working with us, listening to our constructive and evidence-based proposals is what will bring a more social Europe and a place where dignity and care are priorities. So, this year, join with us in working for this – we can do it!

Have a good weekend,