Our Supervisory Board has approved the application for membership of Kirkens Korshær. Kirkens Korshær is a Danish non-for profit charity organisation based in Copenhagen and founded in the Christian faith in 1912. The organization is active throughout the country in the field of homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, and food banks. It currently employs 450 social workers and about 9.000 volunteers.

The aim of Kirkens Korshær is to support people in the margins despite their origins, religious background or mental and physical status. Through its strong Christian approach, Kirkens Korshær works on a daily basis to sustain and improve the living and spiritual conditions of people in Denmark in the spirit of modern diaconia.

Kirkens Korshær is strictly linked to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark provides Kirkens Korshær with pastors to provide their users with spiritual and religious support.

Our new member provides different services to people in need across Denmark: Day and night shelters for homeless people (national and Third Country National); family counselling; food banks; second-hand charity shops; injection rooms; social enterprises; pastoral care.

Kirkens Korshær is a member of the Danish Diaconal Council and cooperates with several local and international partners, including the Eurodiaconia members part of the Danish Diaconal Council and governmental and non-governmental bodies such as European Anti Poverty Network, ISOBRO, and FEANTSA.

In their application form Kirkens Korshær state that they wish to have a membership of Eurodiaconia because: “We want to join Eurodiaconia to get inspired by other organisations working with vulnerable people and people in need on a European level. We bring our experience and knowledge of social work, volunteering, second-hand charity shops, and theology.”

Thank you for your trust as we work all together to put diaconal values in motion. Velkommen!