Energy poverty is an increasingly concern in our societies, which started to receive more and more attention since the 2008 economic crisis. Generally, citizens experiencing economic hardship are not adequately covered by social protection mechanism in their energy supply, which does not cover adequately their energy needs. Often, people have to choose between heating and eating, risk to get drag in an increasing cycle of indebtedness, or to face the dramatic health consequences of cold housing. In the worst cases energy bills can result in cut offs and evictions.

Eurodiaconia partner EAPN, together with Housing Europe, the BPIE and Tamás Meszerics, member of the European Parliament, have recently released a comprehensive handbook, which explains this topic in depth and provide an analysis of this increasing phenomenon, which concerns between 10 and 25% of the European citizens. Good practices in terms of energy efficiency, awareness-raising, debt-advice and social tariffs are also included in the publication.

Please, click here to download the handbook (EN).