The highest decision-making body of Eurodiaconia is the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each year, our members decide on the strategy and work plan for the coming year and discuss any other pressing issues.

This year, it will be held from 8 – 10 June 2016 and will be hosted by our member Kerk in Actie in Utrecht (NL).

2016 is a very special year for Eurodiaconia as we mark 20 years of the establishment of Eurodiaconia following the merger of the European Federation for Diaconia and Eurodiaconia. The last 20 years has seen many changes in our network with some challenges but many more opportunities. Our membership has grown significantly and continues to grow. We have multiple partnerships in both the ecumenical and social NGO’s and our relationships within the European institutions continue to be fruitful. Eurodiaconia has been lucky to experience a hospitable culture for our work both from partners but also from the members who have been so engaged and committed to the network.
That is why, at this AGM, we want to celebrate the past 20 years and consider the next 20 years and beyond but we wish to do so by considering the nature and experience of hospitality in Diaconia and Europe today. That may involve new ways of working, new organisations, new theological thinking and new partnerships.

The meeting will be held in English. As in previous AGMs, due to the high cost interpretation will not be available in a formal way. However, it is recognized that some members will need assistance with language in order to facilitate their participation. Therefore, Eurodiaconia will provide support to members who need such language assistance to bring an extra delegate who will assist another delegate with language.

The AGM will be hosted at the headquarters of Kerk in Actie in Utrecht. This building also holds the headquarters of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands and ICCO. It is very well situation for an event such as our AGM and we are grateful to KIA for putting their facilities at our disposal.

If you have any questions concerning the practical organisation of the AGM, requests for financial support or any other question please do not hesitate to contact Nicolas Derobert and Antonio La Mantia

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