Welcome to Helsinki

25/04 – 28/04

Helsinki, capital of Finland, is the leading seaport and industrial city of the nation. Helsinki is known for its beautiful setting, with many islands, parks, and green spaces, as well as cultural attractions. The perfect place for the Annual General Meeting of 2023!


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About the AGM 2023

With this year’s theme Horizons of Hope – building a Europe of trust, solidarity and diversity through diaconal work, we want to celebrate the hope that is evident in diaconal work all over Europe and how our voice can bring hope in finding solutions to today’s social challenges.

These will be days full of inspiring workshops, study visits and sharing best practices!

Choose your study visit

Visit one of the 6 projects during the study visits

BREIKKI Helsinki substance abuse service unit

Substance abuse service unit BREIKKI Helsinki, offers opioid substitution treatment mainly to adults. The treatment includes drug treatment, psychosocial treatment, peer support and service guidance.


SUOJATTOMAT is a project that works with people who have sought but been denied asylum in Finland. We offer them community activities and community support instead of inaction.

HIRUNDO day center for Europe's mobile population

Hirundo is a day centre for the traveller population among EU citizens.


LIVING ROOM offers help, support and activities for young people who came to the country as minors, without parents, so that they are not left alone.

VAMOS Helsinki

Youth programme focussed on youth outside education and working life and/or experiencing difficulty finding their own path in life.

D-STATION Helsinki

Community programmes aiming to offer social contacts, build a sense of mutual trust and of belonging to a community, and strengthen people’s agency.

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Practical info

Evening of 25th of April until lunchtime on the 28th of April

Address venue
Scandic Helsinki Hub
Annankatu 18

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at Henriette.Umutesi@eurodiaconia.org

About our hosts
The AGM will be hosted by Deaconess Foundation in Helsinki. The Deaconess Foundation is a 155-year-old institution and social enterprise which provides effective social welfare and health services that improve the day-to-day lives of their clients in Finland.