Eurodiaconia has launched a new update on the European Semester process. This year, the European Semester Compass will keep its subscribers up to date with everything they need to know about the European Semester, and will thus replace the European Semester Quarterly.

To subscribe to the new update, fill in Eurodiaconia Newsletter Registration online form, by clicking on the box “European Semester Compass”.

The European Semester Compass comes under a new format to keep its subscribers updated with the newest developments and facilitate their engagement. They will receive the e-mails timelier, with updates and concrete tips and tools for their engagement with the European Semester process.

The Eurodiaconia Secretariat has also put together a one-page overview, explaining the key steps of the European Semester and how to get involved. This involvement is important because the European Semester is a key policy tool of the European Commission to encourage Member States to do reforms. Throughout the last year it has also become more social and therefore even more important for Eurodiaconia and its membership.

On 7 March the European Commission has published the 2018 Country Reports, which you can access by clicking here. Each Member States receives an in-depth assessment of its macro-economic performance and since this year it also includes an analysis of its performance on the 20 principles of European Pillar of Social Rights. We have had a first look at the documents and have put together an analysis of the Country Reports, as well as some explanations and advice for your involvement. You can find the analysis here.

We warmly encourage Eurodiaconia members to read their country’s Country Report and to share their assessment with the Eurodiaconia Secretariat. Based on this input a report will be compiled, assessing this year’s Country Reports and communicate it to the European Commission and responsible Country Desks. To this end, please take part in this short questionnaire and send it back by 31 March to our Policy Assistant Stefan or our Policy Officer Anne-Sophie